Our rates include breakfast. Below are some optional meal add-ons. the Fully Catered and Full House options are our most popular.

FULLY CATERED OPTION (R1,000 a day for two – excluding drinks)

BREAKFAST for two includes coffee, fruit, yoghurt, muesli AND / OR eggs, bacon and toast made for you on an open fire.

LUNCH for two includes cheese and tomato sandwiches, toasted for you on an open fire OR a homemade quiche

DINNER is your choice of a Meat Braai (with sweet potato.), Poitjie Pot, burgers or a fish bake. All served with garden salad 

A healthy serving of nuts, biltong and dried fruit + one refill.

FULL HOUSE (R1,500 a day for two)

Full House is the above Fully Catered Option + unlimited Sol beer,  Protea wine by Rupert Wines and Fitch & Leedes mixers. No spirits included.


MEAT BRAAI (CHOPS AND WORS R400 / R700 for two)

– Just the meat – We can supply pre-spiced (in a prep bowl – ready to put on the fire) BBQ, including 5 chops and wors for 2 people. The price for this service, including meat is R400.

– Including salads, wine and service – If you would like our farm manager, Joseph to braai it for you (with a fresh garden salad and sweet potato), the total charge is R750. This comes with a bottle of wine.

BURGERS (R500 for two)

Juicy burgers cooked on the braai and dressed with tomato, cheese, mustard and tomato sauce. Served with a salad and bottle of wine.

POITJIE POT (R800 for two)

Delicious slow cooked beef poitjie. Served with salads and bottle of wine. Prepared and cooked for you for hours and hours. You’ll have plenty leftovers 😉

FISH BAKE (R600 for two)

Delicious spiced bake fish, served with homemade salad and a bottle of wine.



Traditional tomato, cheese and onion toasted sandwiches – cooked on the grid. Two per person.

HOMEMADE QUICHE (R300 for two)

Choose from our regulars: quiche Lorraine, feta and spinach, butternut and feta, bacon and mushroom. Or create your own.